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What College?
Monday, March 29, 2021 by Carol Ambrose LPC LCPC

A major decision is being made by many parents, in terms of what college or university will be suitable for children looking ahead.  Should parents leave the decision up to the child?  Only within limits.  Because our culture is dripping with decadence, some choices would influence the child to essentially come home a different person.  This person can be anti-Christian, jaded, and distant!

What about money, you say?  It is important but should not override any moral concerns about the institution.

I find that that many overlook or are unacquainted with financial helps from the institution itself, and/or elsewhere.  Speak up in finding out what might be offered.  Your child should share some of search for help but being young, their knowledge in that area is likely limited.  High school counselors can give you some info, if you have a connection there.  In addition, tap knowledge of any friends who have already discovered sources of help for college expenses.

Some youth begin classes at a community college.   Here is what Christian parents have done, including some of my relatives: Especially in an online setting, some coursework, by its nature, is low-risk in terms of amoral influence.  This could include math and science courses.  Be involved in checking so often as to  your student’s assignments and coursework.  Do not ask this; you are parent and it is your responsibility.

What if your child is adamant about a certain school?  Look for yourself at the vision of the school, the course offerings, and , graduates/studentsthemselves.  If there is doubt on your part, you are not obligated to consider the school.  If your child insists, politely let them know that you will not assist financially.  What?  Yes, it is really that important; the graduate who beomes a stranger—is common.  Don’t enable that.  It is nearly impossible for someone in late teens to understand fully what can change him or her.

In setting up college visits, remain positive and encouraging with your child.  But cross off the list any institutions that are doubtful morally.  Here is my own example:  one of my loved ones attended a state university some time ago.  When I visited his dorm room, in the middle of the pod was a giant tower of beer cans.  Thankfully, someone had already encouraged him to go to an orthodox Catholic university and he hadn’t succumbed to the culture at his present school.  He transferred, loved it, met his future wife there, and all is good.  


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