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To Grate is Not Too Great
Monday, March 22, 2021 by Carol Ambrose LPC LCPC

More than a year of  family togetherness has been required of us, due to the Chinese flu.  How has that been shaking out?  No matter the love that household members share, this amount of staying home has strained many a family.

Addictions, mental illness, sinful lifestyles, poor habits and more— seemingly may have taken the breath out of the house-- Smothering, troubling, overwhelming.  If this is the case, act now and tap resources that can give you confidence in addressing these, including Our Lord.

Also common is a household that is largely peaceful, but constant interaction means grating-on-the-nerves!  What to do?  Here are ideas that help us stay patient. 

Ever heard of the question, “Will this matter in 100 years?”  Viewing the annoyance through that question is a good start.  

Second, hesitate before reacting.  Take a moment to ask yourself, “Isn’t this just one of our differences?  Has my loved one had exactly the same experiences in life, as I?—No, so expecting agreement on everything is futile.

Begin the day with prayer, and when struggling for patience, hand to God the issue, thanking Him for his power and love.  Don’t snatch back the worry.

If you are already helping others deal with this pandemic, keep it up.  If not, look for ways.  This will bless us and refresh us.  If some of these opportunities can be outside of the home, it may afford a change in environment and people.







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