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Sleep Problems, or "The ceiling at which I have been staring is not at all interesting!"
Friday, May 1, 2020 by Carol Ambrose LCPC

A lack of sleep is something Yours Truly has found quite awful!  Unsure as to why. But I jumped at a recent opportunity for professional training about sleep.  Here is some of what I gleaned:

1.  Lack of sleep can impact our physical health, and can bring on depression.  Auto accidents may be caused more by that than by driving under the influence.  Whew. That is saying something.

2.  If your problem is falling asleep during the day, and/or loud snoring, get an appointment with a doctor.  You may have apnea which is risky business if untreated.

3.  If getting to sleep and/or staying asleep is your issue, read on.  First, make the hour before bedtime as mellow as possible.  Leave electronics alone.  And thinking about tough issues is better left for another time of day.  Restful music or reading is helpful.  

4.  Your bedroom should have low lighting if any.  I like a nightlight but beyond that, try to darken the room.  

5.  Check the room temperature.  Rarely do spouses seem to agree on what’s best room temp, but do your best to keep it cool.  

6.  Stick to about the same time for going to bed and getting up.  

7.  If you are lying awake for more than a half hour, keep a bathrobe handy and get up.  Read, pray, or do other non-demanding things.   Wait a while till you feel sleepy.

8.  Speaking of feeling sleepy:  It is best to hold off on heading to bed until sleepy.


I offer three-to-four session counseling to address sleep problems.  Contact me if needed.   301 667 6327 and

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