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Mining for Gold
Wednesday, July 1, 2020 by Carol Ambrose LCPC

Ever been panning for gold?  It takes a lot of patience.  The specialized pan, somewhat like a wok, is dipped into the bottom of a stream, removed, and then gently shaken.  Within this pan of sand and grit, there may be precious pieces that are overlooked.  Why?  

--We are in a hurry, or

--We fail to look carefully, and/or

--We find the grit to be “too much.”

Not picturing a goldpanning expedition anytime soon?   Searching for gold holds similarities to looking for contentment.  Pursue contentment  as we would gold: patiently, carefully, and without unrealistic expectations.  In what we see before us, pluck out what could be blessings and look from every angle.  Remove the “grit” so it gleams.  Ah!  Even when our lives seem dull and joyless, there may be beautiful blessings right in front of us.

Ever wondered how the Apostle Paul could find contentment while in chains, exhausted, hungry, and/or wet as his boat twisted in the wind?

Paul recognized his troubles, yet he chose contentment and urged us to do the same.  Takes practice.  Means that, while recognizing the grit in our lives, we choose not to get lost in it.  As we uncover blessings, thank God for them, share them, and talk of them.  Make this a habit. Contentment will follow!

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