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Why Video Counseling?
Friday, April 3, 2020 by Carol Ambrose LCPC

Interesting that when I mention counseling via computer, there’s a variety of responses.  For some, it is, “great!”  Others respond with, “Uh, that isn’t for me.”  While it isn’t the same as meeting in person, might it be better than no appointment at all?   In many case, yes!

Is professional counseling greatly needed at present?   It is, if someone is facing  great stress.  One example: if living with an active substance abuser, especially for weeks on end, counseling is called for.  Or, if abuse of any kind is happening within the home, including children toward parents.   It could be that someone slips into depression.   If the stressed person isn’t seeking help, others in household can request video counseling, still making a difference.

How does it work?  After contacting the counselor (like me), the new client uploads the app called Zoom.  It is very simple to use. Confidentiality is guarded.  The counselor and client together set a time for video session, and then sign on then.  Payment is made online.  

For our skeptics, why not try it?  Contact me at 301.667.6327 and at



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