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Back in the Nest ! Are your adult kids living with you?
4/28/2019 by: Carol Ambrose

Have you noticed that it is not at all unusual for kids 18 and over to either remain at home to ask to live at home? Sometimes things are harmonious, but often there are problems.

I  am  offering the workshop, Back in the Nest, for parents to address this very issue.  Length of this workshop is tailored to the needs of a particular group, if needed, typically ranging from one to three hours.  Call 301.667.6327

Tomorrow morning, January 11,  I will be interviewed on the national radio network, Relevant Radio, by host John Harper.  This will be a brief look at my workshop, Back in the Nest–why it is so needed and how it can promote peace in your home, while preventing unnecessary conflict and misunderstandings.

If you miss the broadcast, which is to be aired 9:15a EST on 1.11.2017, on, you can go to the archives of Morning Air.  Click on January 11, 2017, and listen to the 3rd hour of that broadcast. It should be about 2/3 the way through.

Enjoy and comment if you like!

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