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Hostility at your house?
5/26/2019 by: Carol Ambrose

Doesn’t take long for the gnarly roots of anger and hostility to grow in our homes.  If that has happened, stop and take stock of the issue and what led to the hard feelings.  Note that our enemy is not our spouse or other family member.  Rather, it is the enemy, says Scripture.  Don’t let him have your peace–your relationships!

Consider contacting me for an appointment.  Don’t wait till the other person agrees to go.  Much help can come from just one person getting professional, Christian counsel.  I am at

301 667 6327.

In the mean time, don’t allow abuse, of course, yet neither should we nurse the anger.  Give it to God.

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Carol Ambrose

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Hostility at your house?
5/26/2019  by: Carol Ambrose