Seasonal Depression: Remedies

Seasonal Depression, or Seasonal Affective Disorder Remedies

Today is gray and wet.  And it is Monday.  Add to that the shorter amount of daylight, and it can add up to depression.  And yes, it is real.

Keep a record of what weeks/months have been generally blue.  Check past and future calendars to see if there is a pattern.  For many people, from late October to March, it can be hard to sleep, easy to feel discouraged, unimportant, lack of drive, craving sweets.  Whew.

Check with your doctor to see if you can take supplements such as B12, fish oil, D3, etc.

Make a point to stay connected with people, especially those who are uplifting.

Take on a project, even if small, that will be satisfying personally and perhaps for others.

All-spectrum lights have sleeked down in size and price.  Need to ask your doc about which may help, and the power and duration settings appropriate to you.



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