A Professional Counselor with a Christian World View

As an experienced Catholic Christian therapist, Carol welcomes the opportunity to give support, especially in  the rough spots of life– in the tribulation God tells us we will have.

Further, even when there is no specific trouble, there can be a sense that life can be better.

Carol Ambrose can help.  A native of the Washington DC suburbs, she offers 30+ years of experience.  Utilizing a practical, compassionate approach she combines sound therapeutic tools, with a Judeo-Christian  perspective.

Mrs. Ambrose earned a Masters Degree from Hood College in Frederick MD.  She  worked as a teacher and guidance counselor in Montgomery County Maryland Schools and has served as an adjunct instructor in two Frederick MD colleges.  She entered private practice as a Maryland Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the year 2000. In 2015, she earned LPC licensure in Virginia, as well.

Carol can be found on the referral lists of:  ww www.newlife.com, www.catholictherapists.com, and Focus on the Family– www.family.org.

After accepting an invitation to speak to a senior citizens group, the thank you note stated, “Your personality reveals that you care deeply for people, and that you desire to help them lead a happier life.

Listen to broadcasts from Carol’s  radio program, “Around the Kitchen Table,” produced by WDTF-LP Radio,  at:  www.soundcloud.com/wdtfradio1079 .   Once there, click on broadcasts, scrolling down to ones labeled,  “ATKT.”

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