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Hostility at your house?

Doesn’t take long for the gnarly roots of anger and hostility to grow in our homes.  If that has happened, stop and take stock of the issue and what led to the hard feelings.  Note that our enemy is not … Continue reading

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Arguing to the Bitter End?

If you are arguing to the end, it may turn out bitter! On many points, consider letting the other person’s point be the last one. Don’t stomp off or roll your eyes, but rather just go about your business. In … Continue reading

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Chasing the Kids–Exhausting!

Keeping tabs on our young children can suck parents’ energy.   We want them to have the opportunity to explore, but how might we limit the area in which they move?  For those crawling and learning to walk here’s an idea: … Continue reading

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Back in the Nest ! Are your adult kids living with you?

Have you noticed that it is not at all unusual for kids 18 and over to either remain at home to ask to live at home? Sometimes things are harmonious, but often there are problems. I  am  offering the workshop, … Continue reading

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Are you a parent of adult children?

If yes, you will like my posts coming soon on this subject–an important one and often neglected in terms of ideas!

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Seasonal Depression: Remedies

Seasonal Depression, or Seasonal Affective Disorder Remedies Today is gray and wet.  And it is Monday.  Add to that the shorter amount of daylight, and it can add up to depression.  And yes, it is real. Keep a record of what … Continue reading

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